Preserving Sunnyvale's Uniqueness

There are two key assets to our Town's long history of being different, with higher property values than most other
communities in the DFW area - the excellence of the S.I.S.D. and our community's commitment to lower density land
use resulting in fewer homes and its uniqueness.  
We must remain committed to protect both of these assets.

Everyone that lives here, and many who don't, recognize that Sunnyvale is a special place and I am committed to
keeping it that way for generations to come.  Some ways that I propose to do just this are -

As part of our update to the Town's Comprehensive Plan we should provide options to developers for  
"reverse" incentives to reduce densities in their subdivisions and guarantee a percentage of each lot is
devoted to open space or rural vistas.
-  Ensuring that our primary business corridors are branded as Sunnyvale and that anyone can tell they've
entered our Town just from the way it looks instead of relying on signs.
-  Visual aesthetics are essential and our requirements should be reinforced for new developments by
Ordinance and existing developments through Code Enforcement.
-  Providing a very high level of Staff customer service and inviting high citizen involvement in the
governance process and key issues
-  Encouraging and offering incentives for higher-quality commercial and retail development that provide
greater value to the community
-  Working aggressively to make sure that home values remain high - for existing and new residents

These are just my ideas and targets.  I need to understand yours so that we can work together to keep Sunnyvale a
good distance ahead of the eastern Dallas "pack".
Elect Jim Phaup Mayor of Sunnyvale Campaign
228 Mansfield Blvd.; Sunnyvale, TX. 75182